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Undergoing updating!

June 15, 2013

LNL NEW BORGATTI BLOGThis Catalog is undergoing updating, so to check ALL the available Tshirts of LnL Square‘s Tshirt Collection, drop by the store! The Tshirts are located in the top floor and you have a considerable number of awesome Tshirts to choose from with skulls, music, romantic, animals, aquatic, birds, and many other motifs!


LNL T-14

November 4, 2010

T-14 — Tshirt 14 is a short-sleeved Tshirt showing a fractal texture in tones of burgundy and lime green. The details on the sleeves and collar give it a perfect finishing.

LNL T-13

November 4, 2010

T-13 — Tshirt 13 is a an absolutely awesome Tshirt. Short-sleeved, in tones of blacks and greys, it shows a beautiful black cat with yellow eyes. The sleeves have a tribal detail with a cat eye in green and the back reveals an impressive texture mixture of a cat’s eye and several tribals.

LNL T-12

November 4, 2010

T-12 — Tshirt 12 is a short-sleeved Tshirt in tones of green with a dinossaur motiv and detailed tribals on the sleeves. The back of the Tshirt shows impressive claw details. The finishing of both collar and sleeves is in a lighter green and has the texture of dinossaur scales.

LNL T-11

November 4, 2010

T-11 — Tshirt 11 is a short-sleeved Tshirt in black and grey showing the grim reaper in an impressive texture. It has carefully finished sleeves and collar and it is absolutely amazing.

LNL T-10

November 4, 2010

T-10 — Tshirt 10 is a short-sleeved Tshirt in tones of light blue with an impressive shark. Great finishings on the collar and sleeves also in blue show a shark tooth that matches perfectly the rest of the Tshirt.


November 4, 2010

T-9 — Tshirt 9 is a short-sleeved Tshirt with an impressive eagle on the front part of the Tshirt, eagle tribals at the back and sleeves, carefully finished with a red and light brown hem against a black background.